Option 2: Individual Service Fund

What: You choose how your budget from your local authority is spent, but it’s held and managed by a third-party organisation (an Individual Service Fund provider). You can still use your budget to purchase services that will help you live the life you want to lead, but you won’t have to manage the money.

Under Option 2, you can’t employ your own Personal Assistant(s), but you can choose to use your budget to pay for care from an agency.

WhoThis option suits people who want to make decisions about the care and support they (or their loved ones) receive, but don’t necessarily want the responsibility of managing their own budgets or employing their own Personal Assistant(s).

SupportYour dedicated ISF Coordinator will help you develop your support plan, and identify and arrange opportunities for you to achieve your needs and desired outcomes. They’ll also explain the different ISF providers available to you, and pay invoices on your behalf.

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