Option 1: Direct Payment

What: Your local authority gives you money to arrange and pay for your support. This is called a ‘Direct Payment’. You can use it to buy services to meet your needs and desired outcomes, such as a gym membership, equipment/adaptations for the home or even short breaks away.

You can also use your budget to employ your own Personal Assistant(s). As the employer, you decide whom you employ and when they work.

Who: This option is perfect for people who want to be in full control of the care and support they (or their loved ones) receive. It does, however, require a significant level of responsibility, particularly when a budget is used to employ Personal Assistants.

Support: While you’re in charge, your dedicated SDS Advisor will support you to manage your own budget and will ensure you’re clear about your responsibilities, particularly if you decide to employ your own Personal Assistant(s). They’ll also help you to advertise for staff and assist you through the recruitment process.

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